Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trying to Keep it Focused on Whats happening.

David Pimentel has an awsome post called the "trajectory of the pose".He mentions that we should aim to get down the true gesture of the pose. This is a major struggle for me and I am constantly restating the essence of the model.Below is a link to Dave's post and are some of my sketchbook drawings on finding the gesture.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shane Prigmore!

Today the awsome animator/character design/alumnist from Ryman/layout person/awsomeness came to visit Ryman Arts! I had a great time talking to both Shane and Elaine Reali about animation. Both of their stories really inspired me to keep producing art and to keep observing from life!(Thank you Shane and Elaine for the encouragment!)

Shane really stressed to us that you really need to have a purpose when drawing. "What makes this tree scarier than this tree and an old man different form that old man,"he stated. You cant just make a drawing and not have a reason for why you choose to convey it that way. He also mentioned that everything you do should have a statement behind it. I myself find this very difficult because I tend to focus on how the character looks rather than what the character is really thinking. Lastly, he stated that every artist carries a sketchbook and that observing is key. When you observe you are problem solving and when you are problem solving you are forced to think. From observing people he was able to detect that a persons head has its own individual shape when viewed at different angles. It seems so obvious that I never really considered that. Anyway, I posted some drawings that I did from observation today and tried to keep in mind the various points that Shane had shared.